I am Martynas, destination wedding photographer from Lithuania. Mostly I shoot weddings in Europe, but definitely I am available worldwide. :) For me photography is a timeless event. Such event which is not possible to borrow or to buy which belongs only to you. The time which is the best at that moment! Not past and not the future but the current moment which is adorable and important for you. Both time and a photography are unique and non repeatable… And I am more than happy to be part of this process.

I have felt and was proved that wedding photography is where I am best from the best. I see wedding as colorful as it is with a flavor of black&white flavo. I am smiling when people who surrounds me are happy and it is so nice to catch them emotions and to hold it in to photos. It is needed to have a MEMORIES with us. It adds a happiness to our hearts and home.

I am a simply architect of a memory book of wedding. As I invest time to get know a Bride and a Groom, them habits, what do they like and what kind of couple they are, what is most natural for them? Should it be city reflected? Or forest? Or sea? Or narrow streets of old city?..To have them most happy and relaxed in a most joyful day in the beginning of common life.

You’ll find with me colors, secrets, elegance and uniqueness… I am not looking for the simple solutions. I am looking for the best for each single couple I meet. It is my strength.
Allow me to create your success Wedding Story!